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How to Repurpose Your Best Marketing Content


Great content is one key to your business' success. So let's say you're ahead of the game and are in possession of more fantastic content than you can handle. It's served your business well. It's made you some nice profits. It's garnered your brand a lot of attention. But is it possible that this wondrous content could do even more if you were to repurpose it? 

It's Time to Cut the Fat from Your 2015 Marketing Strategy

Less is More

With 2015 in full swing, it may be time to reevaluate your marketing strategy for the year. You need to figure out how much money you can put toward your campaigns, analyze previous campaigns to determine what worked and what didn't, and decide the best tools at your disposal to ensure further success.

The 10,000 ft View - Email Marketing The Big 4, Part 1

Email Marketing Denver

2015 is now in full swing and you know what that means -- time for another multi-part marketing series. This time, we'll be focusing on four elements of e-mail marketing.  Due to the increase in social media use, some businesses believe that e-mail marketing is no longer effective, but the numbers prove otherwise. It's important that you include e-mail marketing in your overall business strategy. 

Scaling Your Business: How to Do It Correctly

Scale Your Business - Denver Marketing

In the early growth period of your company energy is high, ideas are flowing and things seem to be going smoothly for the most part. There are a few employees that fulfill several responsibilities and, for the most part, the workload is manageable. Things start to change when a company really starts to take off and this is where many businesses struggle – scaling. In fact, 70 percent of startups struggle with scalability. In very basic terms scalability is a company's ability to increase revenue while keeping down its costs. While this might sound simple enough, it requires plenty of forethought and planning as you must be able to reduce how much time it takes your business to solve a task.


Goodbye Santa, Hellooooo Profits

Santa's sleigh

Did your business have a good holiday? Did Santa bring you a bunch of customers and profits, just as you had asked? Or did you find a coal in your stocking because you weren't quite as prepared as you should have been? If the latter is the case, chin up -- there's always next year. And wouldn't you know it -- next year is right around the corner. So whether you did great over the holiday or only so-so, now's your chance to increase your profits once again.

Why Santa Needs a Facebook Page

Santa note

With Christmas only two days away, you can bet that Santa is hard at work finalizing plans for his round-the-world trek. It's a safe bet that he and his elves probably aren't still using small hammers for the majority of their work. To keep up with today's demand, his shop likely employs the latest and greatest technological advances, and those advances definitely stretch to the use of social media.

It's Fine for Zombies to be Brain-Dead -- But Your Content Shouldn't Be


It's no secret that good content, when used wisely and consistently, can help connect a business to its customers on a monthly, weekly, and sometimes even daily basis. This content is typically delivered through a variety of sources all at once, such as a blog, Facebook post, and Twitter message. The problem is that many businesses provide content that is unexciting, to say the least. Some might even call it stale or, as you may have guessed ...brain-dead. 

4 Techniques to Improve Holiday Marketing Results

pig and lights

Forget Easter. Forget the 4th of July. Forget Halloween. And yes, forget Thanksgiving, too. 

The World of Online Advertising Part 5: Ad Trafficking and Optimization, Reporting, and a Make Good Agreement

tablet graph

We've finally made it -- the final chapter of our five-part series on the world of online advertising. As you've seen, there are several elements that make up an online advertising campaign, from the types of advertising and different roles involved to the use of rich media and creative approval. For our swan song, we'll be looking at three elements that are conducted toward the conclusion of an advertising campaign, though they are always being considered throughout the entire process -- optimization, reporting, and a make good agreement.

What Every Marketer Can Learn from Video Game Companies


Ever since Nintendo practically pulled video game consoles from the brink of obscurity with the success of its NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) console, the video game industry has experienced a boon of success. Since then, we've seen the rise (and sometimes fall) of new systems introduced by Atari, Sega, Philips, Sony, Microsoft, and several others. As it stands now, the video game industry has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry that has no end in sight.

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