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Madison Taylor Marketing (MTM) is Proud to Announce its Continuing Partnership with KidsTek.

Marketing for Non-Profits

DENVER, CO – Madison Taylor Marketing (MTM) is proud to announce its continuing partnership with KidsTek.  


Social Media Excellence - 10 Tips for Using Twitter in Your Marketing


Who would have thought that limiting the number of characters in a social media application would actually work? Apparently, the creators of Twitter did, and it didn't take long before its 140-character limitation became a powerhouse in the field of marketing. If you don't already have a Twitter account, get one. And if you want to improve your exposure with your new or existing account, try these 10 tips:

Learn to Tweak Your Landing Pages for Better Conversion Rates


Attracting dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of leads to your landing page is useless if those leads aren't being converted into paying customers. What many businesses seem to overlook is the possibility that their landing page just isn't working in its current state. To assist you on that front, we've compiled some simple tweaks that will help improve your conversion rate:

5 Indications That You Are in Desperate Need of a Blog Writer


In a lot of ways, your company's blog is the centerpiece of your marketing strategy. The content you publish must be of good quality and posted on a consistent basis. Many businesses have come to realize this, but the problem is that most owners don't have the time needed to dedicate themselves to a regularly scheduled blog, nor do they have the staff needed to tackle such a job.

Social Media Excellence - 10 Tips for Using Facebook in Your Marketing


The power of Facebook simply cannot be denied. Although it may have begun as a way for college students to stay connected in a somewhat exclusive club, it has evolved into something that has proven itself to be a powerhouse of social media connectivity. In fact, successful businesses now understand the effectiveness of Facebook, which is why we've compiled 10 tips that will allow you to use the site effectively in your marketing efforts:

Working Your Content for the Buyer's Journey

Buyer's Journey

The use of content in your marketing campaigns, website, social media accounts, and other various online areas is essential these days if you want your company to succeed and grow. You must remember, however, that it's not just the content itself that's important -- it's the type of content and how you use it. This is a big part of all marketing endeavors, but especially true in how it relates to the Buyer's Journey.

Mobile Website Design: Small Businesses Can Play Too


Simple observation will tell you that smartphones are not just a passing fad they're here to stay. The numbers back up this claim. Currently, there are over 1.75 billion smartphones worldwide and that numbers is only expected to increase as the technology becomes more accessible. Even more people are connecting to the Internet via their smart devices and in 2014 mobile exceeded PC Internet usage. Despite this migration to mobile, 45 percent of businesses still don't have a mobile-optimized site or app. With so many consumers accessing the web through their phone, it's imperative your business offer a mobile friendly site

4 Reasons You Should be Outsourcing Your Blog Content


It's safe to say that we're living in a blogging world, whether we like it or not. Blogging has been shown to increase website traffic more effectively than any other strategy. It has become an essential part of nearly every business, as it allows your customers to gain insight to your company, learn new information concerning your industry, and be made aware of how your product or service can help them in their daily lives.

More Marketing Metrics - E-mail Marketing The Big 4, Part 4

metrics graph

Here we are once again -- the end of a marketing blog series. This time, we're following up with the remaining marketing metrics that you need to be focusing on if you wish for your e-mail marketing campaign to be successful. E-mail marketing is an extremely powerful tool, but it's imperative that you know how to pull off the proper techniques.

7 Social Media Website Hacks That You Might Not Be Aware Of


If you were brave enough to ask the average socialite how they manage to stay in the limelight without having any actual talent, you'd probably be told that you have to learn the tricks of the trade. Socialites know what to wear, how to get attention, and the strategies needed to remain popular. In other words, they know precisely how to be "social."

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