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Inbound Marketing Methodology: Step 4, Delight

Delight Customers Through Marketing

The time has arrived for the fourth -- and final -- step in the Inbound Marketing Methodology (click here to see the original article). We've already learned how to attract visitors to your website, convert them into leads, and close the sale. Now the work is all done and you can sit back and relax, right? Wrong!

Inbound Marketing Methodology: Step 3, Close


Congratulations! You've reached the third step of The Inbound Marketing Methodology (original post found here). This is when you take the leads that you've developed through your marketing efforts and close the sale.

Inbound Marketing Methodology: Step 2, Convert

Marketing Conversion

For this installment of The Further Exciting Adventures of Inbound Marketing Methodology (the original post of which can be found here) , we'll be covering what it takes to convert visitors to your website. 

The Inbound Marketing Methodology: Step 1, Attract

Attract With Marketing

Toward the end of last year, we introduced the Inbound Marketing Methodology. This four-step process, which we like to call the IMM (okay, we really don't), was intended to make inbound marketing more accessible and understandable. You can refresh your memory or look at it for the first time by clicking right here

10 Keys to a Successful Corporate Event


In our last post, we discussed why holding a corporate event could be so important to your business' marketing strategy. But deciding to hold an event is just one part of the process. You also need to know how to make it successful.

Tips for the One Man Marketing Department

One Man Band Marketing

As a small business, or a one man (or woman) show, marketing can be down right difficult to tackle. Where do you start? What would a realistic marketing plan be? How can you get the most out of your time? These are all questions that small businesses face. Here's how to rock it out as a one person marketing department.

Inbound Marketing Stats

Inbound Marketing Stats

So you've heard the term 'Inbound Marketing' and you're familiarizing yourself with all of the nuances. The Inbound Marketing Methodology consists of a mere four -- yes, four! -- basic steps that will take customers through a series of transformations as they start out as complete strangers to your business and wind up as customers and possibly even promoters. But how does all of that impact your bottom line? Here are some real-life stats on what you can expect from rocking the inbound marketing methodology.

The Marketing Report: Pink Puppet & YouTube, SEO News, & the Horrible Effects of Coffee

The Marketing Report Denver

This is where we highlight news, cool stuff, trends and insights in the marketing and business space. Hoola!  

6 Things a Pink Puppet Can Teach You About YouTube

Social media is just one of those things that is forever evolving - the reason being people are ever evolving. YouTube is not only a social media platform, it's also a search engine. And here are six things that a furry little pink puppet can teach you about capitalizing on it.

10 Reasons to Have a Corporate Event


As your business begins to make marketing plans for 2014 and beyond, you'll find yourself trying to make your marketing dollars stretch. Perhaps this is why some companies have begun dropping corporate events from their roster. Their thinking is probably simple: "A corporate event is expensive. We'll save money by canceling it." 

Madison Taylor Marketing Partners with KidsTek for 2014 Tech Leaders Dinner

Madison Taylor Marketing Partners with KidsTekDenver, CO – Madison Taylor Marketing is proud to support the KidsTek organization with the 2014 Tech Leaders Dinner.

For the second year in a row Madison Taylor Marketing is proud to contribute to the KidsTek Tech Leaders dinner in terms of promotion, public relations and event design and management.

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