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Handling a Website Redesign

Website Redesign

Change is the spice of life. Oh wait … maybe that's variety. Well, regardless, change is something that we must deal with in nearly every aspect of our lives. Not only as human beings, but also as businesses owners, managers, etc.

The Power of Customer Reviews in Your Online Marketing

testimonials in inbound marketing

As everyone knows, online marketing consists of a variety of elements that must be considered if you truly want to achieve success. One of these is the use of customer reviews. Many businesses seem to forsake such things, but in this time of Internet awareness, these reviews can be an important tool in your overall inbound marketing plan.

What to Expect When You're Expecting (A New Website)

creating a website

Whether you're designing a brand new website or redesigning an existing one in order to give it more flair or functionality, there are certain things that you should learn to expect. After all, even though you may not get morning sickness or have trouble getting up off the couch, launching a new website can be like birthing a baby. But without much of the pain, of course.

3 Ways Marketing Can Help You Raise More Money for Your Business

Marketing and Business Investing

It's no secret that we could all use more money. Okay, maybe not Oprah or Robert Downey Jr., but most of us. And in a business, it takes money to make money. 

Raising money can be a tricky ordeal, especially when your business is first starting out or isn't well-known yet. It takes time to garner the attention of investors who can help take you into the stratosphere of success. 

While we often focus on how marketing can help you attract more customers, certain techniques can also assist you with getting attention from investors. To get you started, here is a quick 3-step marketing plan focused on attracting investors to your company:

How Sales and Marketing Go Hand-in-Hand

Sales and Marketing Denver

In a perfect world, we'd be able to market our products or services without the need of pesky sales. After all, some consumers shy away from websites and companies when they realize that they're being targeted to purchase something. Wouldn't it be great if your business could be successful from nothing other than the marketing of your product, regardless of whether you ever sold anything?

How to Get People to Actually Open Your Emails, Then Do Something

e mail marketing design nieuwsbrief

Despite the influx of social media, the use of e-mail marketing as a way to grow your business and stay in touch with customers is still extremely effective. The problem, of course, is that our e-mail inboxes these days are definitely not lacking in content.

Why Customer Service is a BIG Freaking Part of Marketing

Customer Service and Marketing

Sometimes marketing really is as simple as common sense. One of those matters of common sense is customer service. You can have the best damn marketing out there, but if your customer service is awful, you're shooting yourself in the foot and paying for the privilege. 

What You're Losing by Not Being Mobile Ready

mobile marketing

When someone coined the phrase "You can't take it with you," they probably didn't foresee the future of mobile devices. Because now, in a real sense, you can take it with you. Maybe not when you die, but at least when you're in line at Starbucks.

Your Brand & Your Customers - Why Social Media is Crucial

brand social media

Today's marketing landscape is not only exciting, it's absolutely invigorating. Never before have businesses had such a variety of opportunities to get their products and services out to the general public. A big part of this new frontier is due to the proliferation of social media. With so many social media sites and applications to choose from -- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and many others -- building your brand is easier than ever. 

How to Write a Marketing Plan You'll Actually Use

marketing plan road

If we're being honest with each other here, then we have a harsh truth to face -- we've all made plans that we've never followed through on. Perhaps you had some big plans for a home renovation that included a movie theater room or recreation area. Or maybe you bought a beat-to-heck, rust-filled, candy apple red Mustang convertible that's still sitting in your garage waiting to be restored.

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